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EAT Street: Cone-trol Yourself!

Pizza ['pi:tsə'] noun

the only love triangle anybody wants.

Whilst the above definition is largely true, it is not always the case. For those not familiar with Eat Street, its a special, one of a kind, eating and entertainment wonderland on Brisbane's Portside wharf. This blazing coloured landmark is like the olympics for food vendors; 180 competitors [stalls] of all nationalities striving for gold [$AUD], gate entry fees, big crowds, live entertainment and no Russian competitors [wait, what?!]

With the strong level of competition, it is evident that to achieve gold [as a vendor], more is needed than just the much loved staple that is the love triangle [pizza]... and NO we're not talking performance enhancers or doping! We are talking food that has WOW factor, an attention grabber, a crowd pleaser, something unique!

That is why in November 2019 we launched our "local for locals" range. A fusion of what we do well [traditional Italian pizza] and local Queensland produce. The best part, a portion of all the proceeds from that hard earned gold is donated back to Queensland producers. A Pizzantica incentive that supports local business to grow local business.

So, what is the "local for locals" range of food you ask, get a taste of this:

Honey Gold Pizza, a mango coulis sauce topped with honey gold local mango, macadamia nuts, honey and garnished with mint & icing sugar!

Pizza Cone, a flash fried pizza base filled with melting asiago cheese and local pineapples topped with San Daniele Prosciutto and crystallised liquorice. An explosion of exquisite and complex flavours, this is the ultimate [and some may say, the only] manner in which to enjoy pineapple on a pizza!

Clearly we live up to our hashtag #itsnotjustpizza - however, are we winning gold?! Honestly we're pretty stoked with the flavours, but ultimately our customers decide! We hope to see you at Eat Street soon!


Note that Honey Gold and our Pizza Cone will only be available for another week or so before we release something new! Watch this space!

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